History & Mission

Dr. Beth A. Johnson

Dr. Beth A. Johnson

From Director Dr. Beth Johnson

Lakefront Wellness Center (LFWC), established June 1st 2004, is the “all grown up” version of Tower Behavioral Health. We can’t introduce LFWC to you without telling you about her former self.

Tower Behavioral Health was founded in July of 2000 by Dr. Johnson. It was named TBH because it was located under the Brookfield Water Tower and as a reference to the scripture Psalm 18.2:

The Lord is my rock, my fortress, my deliverer, my God,
my stronghold in whom I take refuge, my shield…my high tower.

Dr. Johnson strives to provide a place of refuge and strength for her clients, a place where God is recognized as the Supreme source of safety.

We like to think of Tower Behavioral Health as “the little clinic that could!” Tower’s start epitomizes the heart of this organization which is about teamwork. Without the advantages of corporate backers and large health care systems, we had the advantages of team players who drew energy from their passion and channeled it into this small clinic. We trusted in our ability to treat people with as much care as we would care for family and friends.

We know that people do not want to feel like a number in a large system, especially when it comes to their mental, emotional, and spiritual health. We also know we have a vision to bring something different to the tired-out world of mental health. Long story short, we grew, we worked harder, added staff one by one, and grew some more! It seems our best referral sources are our own clients who trust our professional skills and feel truly cared for in our environment. With tremendous team spirit, our staff has worked together to present to you the outcome of our vision, prayers, and sweat: LAKEFRONT WELLNESS CENTER!

LFWC maintains the consistent treatment philosophy that was established with Tower Behavioral Health. We strive to provide quality, caring, and confidential behavioral health services to individuals, couples, and families. Our atmosphere is warm and inviting.

LFWC is staffed by licensed professionals with varying areas of expertise. We have staff experienced in treating all age ranges and psychiatric disorders. More importantly, the optional dimension of spiritual integration with mental health treatment is what has set us apart. We strive to place you with the clinician who might best meet your needs and who may also fit with your personality preferences. On behalf of the staff at Lakefront Wellness Center, we look forward to working with you!

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