Birdie is a miniature Boston Terrier born in 2012.  She has a “big dog” mentality in a small dog’s body and can be both playful and feisty or quiet and cuddly.  When playful, she will pin her ears back and go running down the hallway or spin in circles.  When quiet, she loves to fall asleep under some covers or right on someone’s lap.  She is persistent in her request for affection (usually a paw placed on a hand), so you can feel free to meet the requests or give her a nudge to the other side of the couch. We adopted her into our family in 2015 when her owner, my mother-in-law, died of cancer, and Birdie has been an important part of our family’s healing process ever since. If you let her, she could be a part of yours as well! Birdie intuitively “recognizes” that people may need a little love and will find that person in the room and go to them.


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