Internship Program

Internship Program at Lakefront Wellness Center

We are pleased to offer training to post-doctorate degree interns. Internship is an extension of training after the academic portion of the degree has been satisfied.  It must occur before an individual can practice independently. Interns at Lakefront Wellness Center must possess a Licensed Professional Counselor-In Training license from the Department of Regulation and Licensing.  We are very choosey about interns and our standards are very rigorous.  We do consider the internship program a long job interview and we hope to retain the intern for full-time employment.

Why do we offer interns to our clients?

  • Interns are required to work evenings and quite often all other therapists are full for the evening spots.
  • Having been recently trained, interns are sometimes aware of the latest interventions, theories, and trends in our field.
  • Interns often are the most enthusiastic about their work and are eager to learn all that they can. They typically research their cases more rather than rely on experience.
  • Interns are supervised by experienced staff. You can have access to the intern’s supervisor if you want their opinion directly.
  • Interns are often open to new information and new ways of doing things. Because of this, they are often more malleable to the culture and policies of a new placement – more so than those of us who have done things “our way” for a long period of time.
  • Interns that excel in their internships and practicums make great employees. Many sites for internships and practicums have a high rate of employee turnover.  If you stand out in your placements, it is likely that you will then become an obvious candidate for those newly opened positions.


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