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In February 2018, Dr. Johnson designated the third floor as the Children’s Center. We offer a carefully designed play therapy room and a kid friendly waiting room.  The play therapy room is set up for painting, arts and crafts, therapeutic games, dolls, etc.  Please assure your child that there are so many things to play and do!

A registered play therapist is a mental health professional with training and experience working with children and families through the use of play therapy.

Play Therapy is to kids what counseling or talk therapy is to adults. Children use play as their natural language and the toys are their words. Play therapy allows a child to change the way they think about, feel toward, and resolve their concerns.

Play Therapy is effective for a wide variety of problems or concerns that affect or will affect the way a child functions at home, at school, or in the community. Psychotherapists can be specially trained to strategically use play and specific toys to address a child’s needs when the child does not have the verbal language to express their thoughts and feelings.

Play Therapy is especially appropriate for kids ages 3-12. For older kids and teens, play provides a safe distance from problems and allows expression of thoughts and feelings. Play techniques for older kids and teens include sand tray therapy, expressive arts (painting, drawing, creating, sculpting, acting, singing), or activity therapy (constructing, building, balls, games, etc.) The Play Therapy room is equipped with specific items that facilitate cognitive and emotional processing and development.

What can play therapy do for my child?

  • Develop responsibility for behaviors
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Learn to communicate with others
  • Develop respect and acceptance of self and others
  • Stimulate creative thinking and exploration
  • Express emotion
  • Relieve stress
  • Cultivate empathy
  • Enhance social skills
  • Develop assuredness about personal abilities

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