Christian Counseling

Tyler Loomis Licensed Psychotherapist

Tyler Loomis
Licensed Psychotherapist

Our lives tell a story, and our stories are important. There are chapters filled with joy and there are chapters filled with pain, and there are many chapters filled with the mundane. The question is,”what is the story that you want your life to tell?” Christian counseling helps people answer this question keeping in mind the important truth that your story is not the bigger story.

That’s right. Your story is not the bigger story. The Christian believes that God, in the form of the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, is telling a good story about how he created us, how we fell away from him, how he rescued us, and how he wants to redeem everything we see around us.

That is the bigger story and it’s a story that involves every single person.

How does this relate to Christian counseling at Lakefront Wellness Center?

  1. Christian counseling finds value in addressing financial, physical, vocational, relational, and emotional concerns. Christian counseling also finds value in addressing the past as it relates to issues concerning family of origin, identity, abuse, abandonment, or relational brokenness. But these issues are only part of the story. We do not view the resolution of any of these areas as addressing a person’s deepest need.Our view is that a person’s deepest need is met in Christ. It’s a need for rescue, for freedom, a new heart, a new mind and a new perspective. We cannot provide that for ourselves; it is something only God can do and something he has already done.
  2. Christian counseling encourages clients to ask what God might be up to. In times of discomfort, pain and confusion, our most natural response is to seek relief, seek release and seek clarity. We often look for the fastest way out. But perhaps the Spirit has something more than just release for us in those times when our lives feel most at risk. Perhaps God is doing his greatest character work in us in the moments when our suffering is the most intense. Christian counseling helps clients explore this possibility.Just because you can’t see or imagine a good reason why God might allow something to happen, doesn’t mean there isn’t one.
  3. Christian counseling is fluid, organic and keeps the spiritual growth process in mind. God refers to himself as a gardener and scripture is full of examples and metaphors describing our spiritual growth as seasonal and a process similar to the growth of fruit and trees and other organic properties.

What this means is that we don’t have a prescribed or predetermined method for instilling “spiritual” content into the counseling sessions. We are available to pray with our clients, but don’t determine ahead of time when or how we will pray. We discuss scripture when the client finds it helpful, but will not turn the session into Bible study. We assume that for someone who is “in Christ” that growth is inevitable, but it is also gradual, and we want to be in step with what the Spirit is doing in a person’s life.

These thoughts and principals help guide the overall Christian counseling process at Lakefront Wellness Center. We also understand that there important people outside the counseling room and we welcome the opportunity to partner with pastors, mentors or persons of influence in the spiritual life of the client when appropriate.


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