DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)

What is DBT?

DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) was developed by Marsha Linehan, Ph.D. DBT focusing on balancing logic with feelings to improve coping skills and reduce ineffective behaviors.

Susan Ringle, DBT Trained Clinician

The general goals of DBT include improving relationships, decreasing anxiety and misery, enhancing the quality of life or “building a life worth living”. DBT helps individuals find effective ways to manage problems. This therapy is both educational and interactive, while focusing on skills to be learned and developed over time.

Are you struggling with any of the following…

  • Frequent mood swings or outbursts?
  • Problems with anger?
  • Family/friend problems or conflicts?
  • Impulsive behaviors?
  • Being stuck in misery?

DBT Incorporates Four Skill Modules:

  1. Core Mindfulness: Learning to stay in the moment, observe life around oneself, and use Wise Mind to do what is effective at any given time, full and effective participation.
  2. Interpersonal Effectiveness: Improving coping skills, learning assertiveness, determining values and priorities in relationships, how to increase the likelihood that needs/wants are met.
  3. Emotion Regulation: Learning to regulate emotions, name feelings, reduce avoidance and discover a variety of other emotions through emotional growth.
  4. Distress Tolerance: Developing new skills to soothe oneself and increase ability to tolerate distress effectively, while recovering that stress/pain is an inevitable part of life.

DBT Individual and Group

DBT skills can be part of individual treatment or the emphasis of individual treatment.  Groups are offered when  interest is expressed by other therapists, referral sources, and clients themselves.  Please inquire as to whether a DBT group is offered at this time.

DBT Group may be the right treatment for you…
In DBT, four skills modules are designed to specifically assist individuals in better managing behavioral, emotional and cognitive instability. The goal is to help people with problems with mood, episodic depression, irritability or anxiety, intense or chaotic relationships, impulsivity, stress and feelings of emptiness.

In DBT skills group, you will learn ways to:

  • Understand what you are feeling and why
  • Manage emotions
  • Improve relationships
  • Get through a crisis without making things worse
  • Develop a life worth living

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