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Beth Paras Licensed Psychotherapist

Beth Paras
Licensed Psychotherapist

DBT Group

DBT Group may be the right treatment for you…
In DBT, four skills modules are designed to specifically assist individuals in better managing behavioral, emotional and cognitive instability. The goal is to help people with problems with mood, episodic depression, irritability or anxiety, intense or chaotic relationships, impulsivity, stress and feelings of emptiness.

In DBT skills group, you will learn ways to:

  • Understand what you are feeling and why
  • Manage emotions
  • Improve relationships
  • Get through a crisis without making things worse
  • Develop a life worth living

How often does group happen and for how long?

  • Groups meet weekly. A minimum commitment of one year is requested.

When are groups offered? Days/Times:

  • There are a couple of groups offered, usually in the evenings. Please contact Lakefront Wellness Center for further information.

Who are the groups open to?

  • Adult Women
  • Adolescent Females (ages 13-17)
Beth Paras Licensed Psychotherapist

Beth Paras
Licensed Psychotherapist

Restoration Anonymous

Recovery Group for Victims of Narcissistic & Emotional Abuse

Not all wounds are visible.  This group is for adult women who have experienced any form of emotional abuse, either from a parent, sibling, spouse, supervisor at work, clergy, etc.

In this group, we will guide you through 6 different phases of recovery:

  1. Despair:  Survivors will identify their Despair from having been abused.
  2. Education:  Survivors will be provided psychoeducation on specific ways abusers harm others.
  3. Awakening:  This is the point in recovery when survivors have the “aha moment”.
  4. Boundaries:  Survivors will be taught different types of boundary setting and ways they can start implementing those boundaries.
  5. Restoration:  Survivors will be given tools to start their own journey of restoration, whether it is restoration of material items, life event moments, financial stability, physical health, mental health, or any other losses the survivor identifies as having been stolen during their season of abuse.
  6. Maintenance:  This stage will teach each survivor how to fully live their life of recovery with the confidence and skills to keep themselves safe from future abuse.

Any woman is welcome to this group regardless of where you are in your journey…you may have left your abuser years ago, you may currently be in an abusive situation, or you may not have any intention of leaving your abuser.

We are here for all of you. Please contact Beth: (262)695-8857 ext. 19

Tyler Loomis Licensed Professional Counselor

Tyler Loomis
Licensed Professional Counselor

Men’s Process Group

    What is process group?

      A process group usually consists of around 5-8 people who meet regularly for the common purpose of finding out more about who they are and what they would like to change in their personal lives and relationships with others.

    Who is this process group for?

      This group is for men, both married or unmarried, but in a committed relationship and looking to make improvements in the overall communication and relational connection they have with their significant other (Participants must commit to a minimum of 6 sessions.)

    What will I get out of it?

      Teachings and exercises will equip men to connect, communicate well and resolve conflict in a healthy, appropriate manner.

    What will we do?

    • He said/she said . . . Empathy: getting to the heart of good communication
    • He said/she said . . . Are you living in the land of assumption?
    • Four Horseman #1: Criticism – Four Horseman #2: Contempt
    • Four Horseman #3: Defensiveness
    • Four Horseman #4: Stonewalling
    • Sex: big deal or no big deal?
    • The Anatomy and Physiology of Anger and Forgiveness

    If you would like to join please call our office or Tyler Loomis at 262-695-8857 ect. 15

    Kaitlin Peterson Psychology Intern

    Kailtin Peterson
    Psychology Intern

    A group for kids coping with anger or Hyperactivity

      Learn while your child learns- With each participating child client, one adult parent or guardian is requested to attend an adult support group at the same time.

      The adult support group, facilitated by Dr. Jennifer Swanson, will parallel the topics presented in the kid’s group, while adding the component of emotional support

      Teaching kids ages 8-12 to cope and improve their executive functioning by learning 8 skills:

    • Impulse Control
    • Organization
    • Emotional Control
    • Flexible thinking
    • Working Memory
    • Task Initiation
    • Planning and Prioritizing
    • Self Monitoring

    Both child and parent groups are held weekly for 9 weeks on Wednesday nights 5:30-6:30pm at the Oconomowoc Location. If you have questions about our kids group please contact Kaitlin Peterson at 262-695-8857 ext. 21

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