Psychological Testing

Lakefront Wellness Center employs four psychologists who have advanced training in psychological testing.  In addition, some of our master’s level trained psychotherapists offer testing consistent with their training.  Some form of psychological assessment is standard at Lakefront Wellness Center in the intake interview and early sessions of treatment.  It may be as simple as a conversation, screening instrument, or basic personality assessment.

Extended psychological assessment is sometimes recommended by your therapist for diagnostic clarification.   Accurate diagnosis is beneficial for treatment planning and saves time and money.   The recommendation for testing sometimes causes some anticipation worry as you may discover something new about yourself!  Be assured that feedback for testing is given in a sensitive and therapeutic fashion. Discoveries are always meant to help not to label or stigmatize. We strive to avoid any discomfort in the feedback given to you following testing.  Your therapist will accompany you to the feedback session, if desired, and the results can be processed and integrated in therapy sessions.

Types of Evaluations

Cognitive and Neuropsychological Evaluation:
A general cognitive evaluation assesses intelligence using a standard intelligence test resulting in an IQ score.  Other domains of cognitive function may be explored such as memory, attention, processing speed, visual/spatial skills, and general academic achievement.  This evaluation may be given for identifying a learning disability, giftedness, brain injury, dementia, cognitive disability, and many other questions.  Sometimes neuropsychological tests are given to aide in this process.  Neuropsychological testing requires advanced training and supervision on the part of the psychologist.

Personality Testing:
There are a wide variety of personality tests that help describe how an individual functions in relationships, perceives the world, copes, adapts.   There may be a focus on clinical symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and/or personality types (e.g., introvert/extrovert).  A widely used personality test at Lakefront Wellness Center is the MMPI-2 which helps the clinical gather a large amount of information very quickly and saves hours of time in the therapy office.  It also alerts the clinician to areas of treatment that might not be apparent or easily discovered.

Full Psychological Evaluation
This is the term when both cognitive and personality assessment are recommended.  In general, all domains of functioning are assessed.

Forensic Evaluations
These type of evaluations may include assessments for court and legal purposes.  Lakefront Wellness Center does not offer custody evaluations at this time.

Fees for testing vary based on the referral question but will be discussed with you in advance.  A separate payment agreement is completed.  When additional tests are offered after testing has begun, your psychologist will discuss the additional costs with you.  Insurance companies do cover limited testing but often do not allow adequate coverage for full psychological evaluations.  Full Psychological Evaluations and Neuropsychological batteries require a retainer before testing will begin.  Balance of payment must be received before feedback is given.  These types of assessments result in reports that are useful for educational purposes and psychiatric purposes.

Dr. Beth Johnson Clinical Psychologist, Executive Director

Dr. Beth Johnson
Clinical Psychologist,
Executive Director
Pewaukee & Oconomowoc

APA Online: Finding Information About Psychological Tests

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